AGD Consulting is a US-based, veteran-owned firm offering advisory services and customized investment trips for private and institutional investors seeking an agricultural-based investment in Latin America. Our customized trips and professional services are for clients searching for diverse agricultural investment opportunities in Latin America.

A Real Alternative

In an age of market volatility, diversification is increasingly recommended. Investors bold enough to diversify into international agriculture can find stores of untapped opportunities, strong upside, and an industry poised to profit from the coming rise in global population.


We offer all-inclusive agricultural due diligence trips to several distinct Latin American countries. Through nearly two year’s worth of research in seven different countries, we’ve developed the expertise needed to lead customized expeditions for clients seeking first-hand experience before they invest.

Strategic Advisory

Our strategic approach strives to match the right investor to the right investment given their individual or organizational needs. Our expert advisory services include sourcing, traveling due diligence, agricultural investment analysis, risk management & mitigation, and international land management structure.

The vast array of affordable and diverse investment opportunities in Latin America agriculture are largely unparalleled. As U.S. markets become increasingly uncertain, many investors will depart traditional asset classes in search of better investment alternatives.

Latin American agriculture is backed by undeniably strong fundamentals, a high degree of investor freedom to act and create new businesses with local workers, and welcomes the incorporation of experience and technology from developed markets to create high value opportunities with strong growth potential. Investors should seek to partner with reliable and professional advisors in order to achieve the upside potential of this market.

The future belongs to those who can become comfortable enough with the risks to operate successfully in this high opportunity environment. While current opportunities exist which are competitive compared to those in more seasoned geographies, fortune continues to favor the bold.

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